Send anonymous messages to your friends on Discord
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i like you


you have a cute smile


you smell good

❤️ Wall of Love ❤️
Sizzle has been added to thousands of servers and users have sent thousands of messages. We're so grateful for all the support we've received from the community ❤️

Thank you so much for making this! I love receiving compliments ❤️❤️

- Discord user
this is the best bot ever! i love sending compliments to my friends 🤣🤣

- Discord user
i've gotten so many compliments from my friends! i love this bot ❤️

- Discord user
I love this bot, it's so funnnnn and my friends love it too

- Discord user
i'm gonna keep this bot in my server forever, it's so fun 🤣

- Discord user
This bot is so hot right now!!! Keep up the awesome work

- Discord user
🔥 How It Works 🔥
Sizzle allows your server members to send anonymous messages to each other. You can also engage in fun versus battle polls right on your server!

🔥 Get Started

To begin, add our bot to your server and type /setup followed by the name of the channel you want to post in. Make sure Sizzle has permissions to post in the channel & include attachments and embeds.

🔥 Guessing

After receiving a message, you can guess who sent you that message. If you guess correctly, you'll be able to see who sent it!

🔥 Versus

Besides sending anonymous messages, your members can also use /versus to initiate versus battles! (If slash commands aren't showing up, make sure you have permission to Use Application Commands in this server)

🔥 Help

If you need assistance with the bot, you can always join our support server and we're happy to help!